About Fee and My Sewing Club


About Fee and My Sewing Club

About Fee

Sewer, Teacher, Mentor

Sewing Has always been my Happy place, there is something so satisfying when you take a humble piece of fabric and sew it into something fabulous you can wear or use.


I was so lucky to grow up surrounded by sewing, My Dad had sewing machine shops and my Mum had fabric shops that taught sewing classes. So, I literally grew up learning to love sewing. My mother is a brilliant sewing teacher and of course, she started me off and then as I was older, I loved to hang out in the fabric store and watch sewing lessons.


 How cool is it that, now every day I get to share my love of sewing and all the little tricks and techniques that I have learned over the years, I can share with my students helping them to get a great finish as they learn my easy and fun methods of sewing.


I have built my Sewing Club Studio, to have a relaxed and fun place with everything you need to learn new and improve my student's skills, we have so much fun and it's so rewarding each week to see all the different cool projects I get to help my students with. I have a group and private classes plus a fun range of kids sewing classes, so I really do offer something for everyone.


So if you, if you have, are a budding designer inside of you or you just want to be able to make clothes that fit My Sewing Club is a great place to nurture your sewing dreams


Cheers Fee

Fiona Pyper with My Sewing Club

Tips and Handy Hits From Fee's Corner

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