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What do I look for when Buying a sewing machine?

This is something I get asked all the time.

Tidy- Tray- sewing- lessonThere is really no one answer for everyone it depends on what kind off sewing you plan to do.

I am going to assume that you are a beginner sewer and not wanting to spend much money.

Even so spend as much as you can afford, as you would expect you get what you pay for. These days you can buy a sewing machine almost anywhere, from fabric shops, furniture stores, the supermarket and even the post office. Mostly machines from these types of places are very cheep and not worth the money. They have no frame with the parts all being glued to the cover. Can you imagine buying a car with no chassis and the motor just glued to the body. Don’t be fooled by amazing half priced specials these type of places often advertise a machine for 50% off  or more. Like was $270 now $90 these machines are never sold at $270 the real price is the price of the special.

In Australia you are much better off going to a specialized sewing machine dealer they have the expertise to help you find the best machine for you and in most cases offer free lessons and if you have any problems they have  trained staff that can help you. If you are after an budget priced machine you would need to spend over $350 to get something worthwhile. Or over $700 to get  a good quality machine, like a Phaff, Husquvarna or Bernina.

Features that are great to have you will get on a computerized Machine like needle up, a free arm, Auto Buttonhole and a good selection of feet.

If you just don’t have the budget to spend over $350 on a new machine my advice would be to buy a second hand European Machine like a Phaff, Husqvarna or Bernina. Don’t be afraid of older machines if they where good quality they last a very long time. When Buying second hand ask to see it sewing strait stitch, zigzag and reverse, if it will do that it means its in good working order.

I hope that helps, and don’t forget to get the most out of your new Machine make sure you get at least one lesson. Cheers Fee



Toiletry rolls are so handy, great for when the kids go on camp as they have everything they need in one handy place. So quick and easy to sew and they make fantastic gifts. I likes to use a hand towel simply fold it over and stitch lines for each pocket and then cover edge with a bias binding. I like to make my own as you can use a cool fabric to make your roll look fantastic. catch some ribbon in under your binding. Ta Da all done. Cheers Fee


Protect your Iron and Ironing Board from goo.

sewing_tips_online_sewing_lessonsBaking paper is fantastic when using iron on Products like iron on interfacing, Applique paper or Hemming Web. Simply pace a sheet of good quality Backing Paper over what you are ironing and any little bits of iron on product that are sticking out will not stick to your iron. Depending on what I am ironing I sometimes put it underneath as well, to protect my ironing board.  Works so well give it a try. Cheers Fee, mysewingclub.com

“I Just want Clothes That Fit”

Don’t you just hate it when you shop for clothes and although they look great on the hanger they just don’t look that good on you. sewing_clothes_that_fit_online_sewing_classesSometimes the neckline is too high or too low, the shoulders hang down to far or the length is just wrong. It can all be very frustrating. I think that is what I like best about sewing. When I make a garment for myself I can custom design it to fit and suit me perfectly and the best part is you look better, and feel more confident in your clothes.

Did you know that the higher the neckline is the lower your bust looks. So as we age it’s better to have a neckline just a little lower, and having you bust darts in the correct position also helps to make your bust look younger.

If you have sloping shoulders you don’t want too much of a dropped shoulder line as this will make your shoulders look droopy, a set in sleeve would be more flattering and it is easy to adjust your pattern. By changing your pattern you will be much happier with the finished result.

Another change I like to make to my garments is to make the front of my tops just a fraction longer than my back as I have a full bust this stops tops from pulling up on your tummy, so much more flattering.

These are exactly the sort of changes that make you look and feel so much better in your clothes, and of cause when you buy clothes you simple can’t do this.

Having Trouble Sewing Straight?

sewing_tip_sewing_classes_easy_guideWhen I run my Kids Sewing Classes some kids take a little longer to get the hang of sewing straight.

The easiest solution is to place a rubber band onto the free arm of their Sewing Machine, this gives them an easy guide to follow and they can push the fabric up against it.

I also use it when sewing a deep seem, so quick to adjust and works a treat. Give it a try I know you will love it.


Cheers Fee


Christmas Bow Christmas Decorations,

This pretty Christmas Bow, is so easy to make. All you need is some Christmas Ribbon, Quick Dry Tacky Craft Glue, and some Plastic Bells. Cut one strip for the tail and two decreasing strips for the loops.

Glue Loops together.

Stack on top of each other and then glue onto the middle of the tail

Pinch the middle and then bind with a thinner ribbon

Christmas Bow Easy


Tie a loop for the hook

Puff out the bow

Glue the bells together (you could use a glue gun if you like)

Christmas Bow to make



Glue The bells near the bottom of the tails.

Finally cut the tails

Hang your ribbons on the wall

Merry Christmas. Fee


 Facings made Easylearn_to_sew_facings

When I am sewing a garment that includes facings, I always like to get all the facings and collars ready first, this makes putting your garment together quicker and easier.

When cutting out facings, I always cut a rectangle of interfacing  a rectangle of fabric and then iron them together. finally cut out your facings, This is much quicker as you only have to cut them out once and its much neater with no interfacing hanging over the edge. This also protects your iron and your ironing board cover.

When using iron on interfacing, don’t iron just press, being careful to lift your iron as you move so as not to stretch it onto the fabric.

Make Your Own Bias Binding

Bias Binding is a great way to finish edges and create a contrast Trim. Of Cause you can buy Bias Binding, but it doesn’t come in a large variety of colors . When you make your own you can use any color, print or stripe to create the perfect trim.

Sewing Bias BindingBias Binding Sewingsewing_tip_bias_binding










                 All you need to make is a Bias Tool, then simply cut stripes of fabric cut on the bias,

feed into the tool and press as it comes out the other side.

Bias Stripes are also great for Quilt As You Go Quilting

Sewing Tip- Turn a Fat quarter into long bias strips, Sewing Tips Sewing Classes online

This is a very useful technique.

Did you Know that one fat quarter can make a very long strip of continuous bias trim.

To turn your strips into bias trim simple pull the fabric through a bias tool and press as it comes out the other side. Simple

You don’t have to stick with plain fabric have, fun with stripes spots and prints

Cool Gift or Fund raising Idea

This is such an fun and easy Project great Idea for Kids to sew and can make great gift for class teachers, Aunties and Friends


Cup Cake, Face washers make cool Gifts


simple fold and roll up the face washer


Decorate with lace,