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Pattern Design Making, Lessons on the Gold Coast with My Sewing Club

 pattern_making_classes_gold_coastDo you have fantastic idea’s that you would love to sew?

But just don’t know how to create the pattern.

I will teach you amazingly easy  pattern   adjustments to turn a basic block into any design and fit you would like.

Learn how to add or remove fullness, create seams, move darts, create collars, and facings. with these basic techniques you really can create any style.

There is no sewing in this workshop its focus is on changing patterns, you can then simply join the weekly sewing classes to sew your new creations. You will be amazed how easy and fun this is actually to do. Run over Three Saturday Afternoons I’m sure this is going to be very popular.

So if you have always wanted to create your own designs and turn them into garments that fit, then this exciting workshop is for you. You do need a little sewing knowledge but you don’t have to be an advanced sewer. I learned how to do this very early in my sewing career when I was still learning to sew. I am very excited to be able to share my pattern manipulation techniques with you, so that, you can go on and create your own fantastic designs.

This is a Three Lesson course, is designed for people that have a basic understanding of sewing

Pattern Design Workshop

   Sat 11th, 17th and 24th of March

1.00pm to 4.00 pm

$150 includes worksheet Notes


 4 Places Available


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