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Applique BookI have always loved books, they are like a good friend you can visit again and again. I guess when I love a book I just have to share the enjoyment with My friends.

There are so many fantastic sewing books, and I do like to collect them. When I’m stuck for Idea’s and inspiration. I will look through my books and I always come away full of idea’s  and ready to sew.





The Complete Artist’s Workshop

Sewing Books TextilesThis is an amazing book covering just about everything to do with textiles and Art. Simple projects for you to try teaching you how to work with dyes, paints, threads and so much more. This book has a little bit of everything, sewing, patchwork, Applique, Dying and so much more. Bebooks Sewing Textiles inspired and learn new techniques, it will have you wanting to try everything, also a great book for kids 8 and up. If you would love this book simply click on the link



We often get asked,

“Can I recommend a good Overlocker or Serger Book” ?

An Oldie but Goody is how I would describe this little book.

Although it was writer some time ago and some of the illustrations are a bit dated the contents of this little book are pure gold.

The workings of an overlocker are simply explained and there are some great tips to make it all so easy to understand. There are some important things to learn about threading and tension that will save you time in the long run. There are some cute ideas in the last chapters for clothing and home Dec that you will no doubt update but the techniques are good and I am sure you will adapt them for your own use. I can recommend this inexpensive little book for you to keep handy when overlocking. Mab.

I have included the link to Amazon for you and it will take you to the correct Page




Applique Art By Stewart Merrett

This is one of my first sewing Books and it was given to me by a good friend, so it has always been one of my favorites.

Book Review

Stewart is a fantastic artist, and this book features lots of his work. He explains his technique for Applique on a large scale, but his idea’s and and the way he explains composition can be used on small projects too.

Applique Art




Every time I look though this book I get so many idea’s and I just can’t wait to get started.  If your looking for a book on Applique that will inspire you then this is a wonderful book that I know you will love. Fee


                                                                                       If you would like your own copy of Stewart Merrett’s Fantastic book Applique Art,

                                  Original Idea’s and Designs using Simple Tech

                                                                                                 It is available through Amazon, This link will take you to the correct Page. Cheers Fee

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