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Cute Purse,from Kids Sewing Class

Cute Purse, from Kids Sewing Class

This Cute Purse is from our Kids School Holiday sewing Class on the Gold Coast Kids Workshop 033

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Super Fun Purse

You will need

20cm zip

30 cm of two fabrics

Cut out two different fabrics from your pattern, one for lining and one for your


At the top of the purse, sandwich the zip between the purse fabric and the

lining with the right side of the zip facing the purse fabric. Using your zipper

foot, sew through the three layers;[Fabric, zipper tape and lining.]

Fold the bottom of the purse up so that the other side of the zipper is once

again sandwiched between the purse fabric and lining. Stitch through the three


Now sew the one side only of purse from bottom of lining ,through

zipper[carefully] and to the bottom of the purse fabric .

Sew closed the holes at the bottom

Now sew the other side from 2/3 from the bottom (leaving 2/3 of lining not

sewn) all the way through the zipper to the bottom of the purse fabric.

Undo your zip through the unsewn holes.

Sew the hole closed on the bottom of the purse fabric

Now, via the unsewn part of the lining turn through to the right side

Tuck under the raw edges on the lining side and sew closed

Now tuck the raw edges of the lining into the hole and sew closed

Tuck the lining into the purse and it’s all finished .

Congratulations you have made another little purse.

Click here to download facts sheet Super Fun Purse


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