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Cool Draw String Bag

 Draw String Carry Bag and Cushion

Patchwork CushionKids Holiday Sewing

Cut six strips of different fabrics 7.5cm x 42cm

Cut two rectangles 24cm x 42cm for the back

You will need a 35cm Zip

  • Sew all the strips together with the edge of the foot on the edge of the fabric.

  • Sew the two backs together with a 2cm (important 2cm) seam allowance leaving a whole in the middle the length of the zip. Then press open.

  • Pin the right side of the zip to the right side of the fabric pushing the teeth into the grove that you ironed in.

  • Sew using your zipper foot ( undo zip halfway down so that you don’t have to sew past the bump)

  • Pin the second side and sew a across the end and then down the side and across the bottom

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Kids Sewing On The Gold Coast

Make sure you have caught the zip underneath.

Undo zip

  • Pin the front and back of cushion together with right sides together.

  • Sew around the edge pivoting on each corner

  • Turn your cushion through

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You will need 60 cm of fabric plus matching thread

 Bag- Cut one strip of fabric 40cm by the width of the fabric. Fold the fabric in half with the selvage edges together and Press.

Now cut a square 5.5cm on the fold and 4.5cm up the side, on both sides of the bag

Strap- Cut 2 strips 8cm by Full width of Fabric

  • Sew the two strips for the strap, with right sides together to make one long strap.

    Gold Coast Sewing Classes for Kids

    Well Done your bags look great

  • Fold Strap in half with right sides together lengthways, and join making a long tube.

  • Turn Tub through to the right side ( use a loop turner or safety pin)

  • Fold the top of the bag over 10cm and press well

  • Over cast edges of bag.

  • Sew one side of bag.

  • Now sew hole on same side

  • Cut strap to 1.70m long.

  •  On the unsewn side of bag ,sandwich and pin the 2 ends of strap inside bag in the bottom hole( with length of strap inside bag)

  • Place two pins down from the top of the bag for the hole for the strap. First pin 5cm , second 8cm down from the top.

  • Sew second side remember to leave hole at the top

  • Sandwich and pin the 2 ends of strap inside bag in the bottom hole( with length of strap inside bag)

  • Now sew the hole

  •  catch in the ends of the strap.

Finally thread strap through hole and fold top of bag over strap, sew around top of bag being careful not to sew into the strap. Start and end sewing from the strap.

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